6 Years Relaxing My Natural Hair

Relaxing Natural Hair


I am not the one to pass judgement on what makes you happy when comes to relaxing natural hair. But in my opinion this is a cry for a beautiful natural girl who is experiencing high hair stress, who wants to revert back to a relaxer to take the “easy way out.”In the video she seems to struggle between natural to now relaxing her natural hair. She appears to be coping with the decision. I so wanted to say NO!!!! Do Not Do It! I wanted to rescue her! This is where education, support, and hair care regimen on natural hair care is essential. Often when going back to relaxers or texturizer, there is an emptiness of wanting that feeling again on how natural hair feels, styled, and behaves. Especially when seeing other naturals embracing the look. Reverting back to relaxing natural hair may seem to be the answer to “manage curls” which at first seem like the case, but in long term that feeling is out lived. Managing natural hair is not difficult as long as you know what products, DIY, and knowing your hair porosity in order to retain moisture to achieve desired style.
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