About Me

I am Kerone.Natural_hair_002

The creator of Lumynex Essentials. Going natural was not easy at first. My decision to go natural started in 2010 when I  no longer wanted to receive relaxers. I was not following a trend, but a personal enlightenment for myself. I took on a texturizer in 2011, believing it would solve my hair delima. I was a little frustrated and decided to get a texturizer that year, which was nothing but a mild version of a relaxer to loosen my tight hair strands. Little did I know my hair started to break off as I did not go back to get another, believing one chemical process was all I need. Ha!! So again, 2011 I chop it all off and started all over. In 2015, I got heat damage in front of my hair, from a salon stylist. Again, I cut it off after trying to treat it myself. No success. Now its growing back and healthy.

A journey reveals we all have something in common, YOUR STORY. My lessons have made me focus more on hair care, than hair length or trends.  I am excited and love to embrace my natural hair, and you will too! 

 I enjoy sharing helpful content on caring, embracing, and getting to know and understand your unique Natural Hair. Helping to ease the frustration and providing simple strategies to assist with your own individual hair care and regimen. While at the same time being fashionable creative with hairstyles. It is a blessing to serve others in what I enjoy doing. Live, Embrace, and Love your natural hair. Like flowers, you are  beautiful and unique.