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4 Tips to Improve Natural Hair Texture

There are several different hair types. Curly, wavy or straight or even a combination of the three. But sometimes, regardless of anything you do, your hair texture would be ruined. In this article, we will be letting you know how to improve hair texture naturally. Today, people have very little time to actually take care of their hair, which leads to the hair texture getting spoiled. Hair that feels rough and dry is what tells you that the texture of your hair needs nourishment and care. With the right amount of both, and time, you can get back your hair texture and make it more softer. Here are simple home remedies that you could try. The best part is that all these remedies would be really safe to use because they are natural and wouldn’t harm anyone, even people with really sensitive hair and skin. Another good thing about natural remedies is that they are cost-effective. Though sometimes going to the salon for a hair treatment is all we need, it isn’t something that everyone can afford. That’s where natural remedies step in. Have a look at all the natural ways to improve hair texture.”

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How to improve hair texture?

Sometimes commercial hair products that have harsh chemicals may cause damage to our hair. To improve the natural texture of your hair is to avoid the use of commercial ingredients. However, for some this can be challenging to do. Whether your hair is curly or straight. Sometimes our hair texture may appear lifeless, brittle or dull in appearance.

1) Healthy Diet

We were told when little “eat our fruits and vegetables”. They were right!. We can become what we eat. Resulting or lacking the essential vitamins and the proper nourishment our body needs. In return, your hair may reflect the depletion. Therefore, boosting to eat healthy along with drinking adequate amount of water is the way to go. Your hair texture can improve by having a balanced healthy diet rich with mixed greens, fruits, nuts, beans, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids. Don’t forget iron, vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, and biotin.

How to improve hair texture

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2) Essential Oils

Give essential oils a try. Essentials oils like jojoba oil, alma oil, Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil are rich in anti oxidants and vitamin E. Sometimes they are used individually. Selected oils can be mixed together. The oils can be used as a hot oil treatment. Apply selected oil and massage on the scalp and hair. Cover head with plastic cap or wrap in a heated towel. You can allow the natural heat from head to penetrate or sit under a hooded dryer with plastic cap on low to medium heat. This helps to soften, moisturize, and strengthen your tress. Keep oil in for 30 mins to 1hr to treat the scalp and hair. Proceed to rinse with water and follow your normal hair care regimen. For better results. You can leave the oil in over night.

how to improve hair texture

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3) Egg For Hair Texture

Don’t over look eggs. Your hair is protein. Egg is a natural protein treatment. Sometimes its added in manufactured hair products, such as in hair mayonnaise. I made my own DIY mask, by adding one beaten cracked egg, honey, castor oil and olive oil mixed. I left it in my hair for 30 minutes. Then proceed to wash the egg mask out. This will help to strength your hair and soften it as well.

how to improve hair texture

4) Massage Your Scalp

I started incorporating massaging my scalp frequently. Massaging the scalp can stimulate the nerve ends to promote hair growth. Massaging in oil to scalp and hair is beneficial . Again, promoting hair growth, providing moisture, and improving hair texture. Try massaging hair with or without natural oils.

how to improve hair texture