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Crown Breakage Natural Hair

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I'm going to be talking to you guys about crown breakage in the center of our head. Anyone can have breakage in the crown area it really doesn't matter what hair type you have anyone can just about get breakage in this part of the head I do believe, however,  that if you have type 4 hair especially the kind like mine that is coiled, that you could be more susceptible to having breakage in this part of your head.
I would describe my crown predominantly tightly coiled- kinky and so it tends to be very dry and the hair in this part of my head is fine and so it's more prone to breakage. Recently, I am experiencing some breakage in my crown and thinning. Since I discovered my crown had a mixture of low and high in porosity, which could be explaining why my crown is experiencing the issue. I had to trim few areas that were breaking to give a fresh start.
Now I am taking extra care for it to thrive. Within my journey, I felt like I was doing everything right I was following all the rules doing everything I was supposed to do, but yet my crown was thinning. I couldn't understand why now.
Here is a recent shot of my crown as you can see the thinning.
I had to ask myself what was I doing wrong? What was going on I didn't know the answer. So, I further explored like I mentioned above my crown porosity. I discovered potentially through the porosity test, it remained floating. The first I even seen, because I did before and my strands on other parts of my head sunk straight to the bottle, with no products on them. The porosity test can help as a guide to discover your hairs porosity. We can have multiple textures so it is possible that with multiple textures your hair in different parts of your head could have different porosity.
The low porous hair in my crown meant I would have to use heat to open my strands cuticles, use treatment with hydrolyze wheat or keratin protein to help with better smaller molecules absorption. High porosity moisturizing my hair more frequently than I was and giving extra attention. Sealing my hair with castor oil or butter creams.
Overall, my hair needed a boost in protein. The DIY protein treatments will not be as effective as compared to treatments that has the ingredient listed as hydrolyze, such as hydrolyze keratin, hydrolyze wheat protein, hydrolyze collagen, and Hydrolyzed Silk Protein. The DIY home protein will mostly likely not enter the shaft due to the large molecules. They will sit on strands and wash away. There are many different proteins depending on how they function in depositing protein into the hair. The proteins serve their purpose to strengthen and repair the hair structure. When you see the word hydrolyzed, the protein compounds has been broken down in very small molecules to penetrate the strands. I needed proteins that would actually seal the cracks that were in my hair strand to retain moisture. My crown is naturally drier than any other part of my head. Sectioning that area separately, allows me to focus on that area. Currently, I am using Wild Growth Hair Oil. The smell is not pleasant, but so far I am seeing gradual re-growth. Patience is virtue Ya'll. 
Most of us naturals just section or hair into four equal parts and it's very easy to really miss that crown area because we are focused on getting products in the front, in the back, on the edges. I realized sectioning my crown separately in 1 to 3 part helps creates less tension. Extra tension on those fragile hairs that are in the crown area become overstretched resulting in thinning and breakage. Our crown is most susceptible to the elements since its the high point of our crown. Wind, sun, and direct heat: steamer or dryer. Overtime, can affect our crown.
Crown Breakage 4 Equal Parts
What Can I do to Stop Hair from Breaking Off?
    • Pull hair up into a high bun when using steamer to lessen the direct heat. Best to avoid dryer if having crown issues. Let hair dry hair.
    • Use SPF natural oils to block suns harmful UV rays, depending on the SPF ratings. Raspberry Seed Oil has an SPF between 28 to 50.
      • Raspberry Seed oil.
      • Carrot Seed Oil
      • Wheat Germ Oil
      • Avocado Oil
      • Coconut Oil
      • Olive Oil
      • Shea Butter
    • Section the crown into 1 to 3 sections, not the entire head in 4 equal parts
    • Apply hair moisturize cream.
    • Incorporate LOC/LOC method.
Those are some of the tips that I am implementing use to help my crown to recover.
If experience crown breakage what are you doing to remedy it?