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Three Simple Steps You Must Do Before Bed

Here are three simple steps you must do before bed. If you're experiencing hair breakage there could be many reasons why. One of them is not having a night time regimen. This can happen easily. Many of the times we are busy with work , family, and just plan life itself. We become tired or forget to take care of out hair prior to bedtime. It happens naturally. This is where it becomes challenging to take the time to care for our hair. These extra step begins right now.Try these 3 simple night time regimens 1. Select A Style: Select a protective style that works well with you and wont be too tiedious in the morning to take down. If you are re-styling, such as re-twisting, re-braiding, untwisting, bantu knotting, pineappling then it is important to know how long the process will take. If you are not and your hair is fine the way it is. Just do a night time prep to keep it protected. 2. Moisturize Hair: Moisturizing hair is essential. If your hair is healthy and holds moisture fairly well. There is no need to moisturize hair daily. You do not want to have greasy weighed down hair. You can lightly moisturize at night with your favorite hair moisturizer. You can also spritz the hair with a liquid-water based product. Then implement step 2 to re-style: in re-twisting, re-braiding, or pineappling. 3. Protect: After performing steps 1 and 2. In the last step is to cover hair with either a bonnet, satin cap, head scarf, or sleep on a satin pillow case if hair is not covered. Whatever you select, just protect your hair when sleeping. At night, head movements can cause hair strands to rub on cotton pillow cases and sheets. Moisture is absorb into the cotton, which can also pull moisture from your hair gradually, leading to breakage.Implement all 3 simple steps to help to protect your hair strands from breakage while you sleep. Even if you are too tired to re-style your hair. At least cover hair with your night cap or head scarf. When re-styling and re-moisturizing hair you are retaining a protective benefits to lessen hair breakage.