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Wearing Natural Hair Stretched Lessen Tangles

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Wearing natural hair stretched lessens tangles. If have natural kinky hair its not a surprise that hair commonly forms tangles and knots. As the hair continues to grow, strands loop around itself. Most naturals with longer healthy hair face this issue.  Most natural who have longer kinky hair often wear their hair in stretched styles, aside from moisturizing, using the right products for protein balance, and avoiding or limiting use of heat tools. When you first go natural your hair is short there is much less chance to form tangles and knots due to the fact it's difficult for your hair strands to twist around itself. As your hair grows the ends are extra prone to tangles because this is the nature of kinky hair. Noticed, after hair comes in contact with water it becomes shrunken. That is because the tight curls  like to revert back into themselves. Shrinkage is a excellent way to observe if your hair strands are healthy. However, this can pose a large problem when your goal is to develop longer hair. After detangling and moisturizing your hair. Place hair in a stretched style your hair tolerates well, such as twists, braids, threading, banding, or bantu knots. After unraveling your hair, you will have wavy patterns to wear in a free style. Be creative on how you like to wear your hair to decrease tangles. If using heat to stretch hair. It should be used at a minimum, no more than once a month, if heat works for you. Whatever, method you choose, wearing hair in a stretched state will lessen tangles and formed knots. Implement moisturizing hair to prevent dryness when needed. This will also help to lessen tangles and knots. https://youtu.be/eGhYCNaF4-Q