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Six Tips To Get That Perfect Twist Out

photo via pinterest
How to get that perfect twist out is quite simple. Creating a natural hairstyle can have it’s moments . But if you use your creativity the end result can be rewarding. Twists can be a great protective style. You can get creative on how you can style and pin with bobby pins in an up-do, or have them hanging as is in their sectional parts. Twists are also low-maintenance. When you unravel the twists it shows the defined spiral and zig zag curls. Twist-outs are beautiful when done correctly. However, not all is perfect. Sometimes it’s a disappointment when twist- outs don’t’ come out the way you would like. Frizz and undefined flat curls can bring on frustration. When having a kinkier hair this can be a greater challenge. No worries! Here are helpful twist out tips to achieve perfect twist outs every time. TIP # 1: SECTION YOUR HAIR Section your hair into quarters or layers. This will help to keep other hair from twisting in with other hair when clamp down. TIP #2: HYDRATE YOUR HAIR Your hair loves moisture. Apply leave-in conditioner, mist your hair with water, then apply your favorite twisting holding cream, foam, or gel. *Disclaimer* Decide which twisting cream, foam, or gel works best for your hair to achieve style. TIP # 3: DETANGLE YOUR HAIR Detangle section of hair by using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush. Comb ends first and then down to roots last, repeat until hair is smooth. You can use your finger , which comes in handy to feel for knots to trim. Another tip. Use your detangled brush to help to smooth your curls for a greater defined curls. TIP # 4: MOISTURIZE YOUR HAIR After your hair is moisturized and knot free. You can now begin to twist your hair. Take a small section of hair separate in two and twist. Apply small amount of your favorite twisting-hold cream, gel, of foam to the small section. When twisting keep your hair taut at the roots all the way down to the ends with consistency. When reach the ends of hair, twirl ends at finger tips to close ends. TIP # 5: DRY AND MAINTAIN Allow your hair to completely air dry. If not, a hooded dryer works just as well. You can wrap your hair with a tangle free head scarf (silky scarf) or bonnet at night. TIP # 6: UNTWIST HAIR SLOWLY! Slowly unravel your hair starting at the ends with your favorite oil on your fingertips. This will not only add sheen, but can cause less to no frizz when you untwist your hair correctly. Use a fro pick to gently pull hair up from the roots to lessen parts. Use fingers to separate twists and fluff carefully to keep curls defined. There are different types of twist outs you can create, see links below to further explore: Twist Out Flat Twist