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5 Reasons Why Sugar Leads To Hair Loss

By Stephanie Delgado For us all, it's normal to see hair in your brush: We shed. But the problem is that when we think of hair problems, most of us think of generic factors that include pattern baldness, thyroid imbalance, infections, or medications. But a few people know how sugar and diet plays a large role in determining hair loss. Just like the rest of the body, high calories and omnipotent sweetening diets are as dangerous.So it’s important to understand the relationship between sugar and hair growth. Knowing those facts will let you have complete control over how much you consume. Here are top 5 reasons why and how sugar accelerates potential hair follicles damage. Poor blood circulation plays a vital role in hair damage: Hair root needs to get the proper supply of quantity and quality of blood lymph, oxygen and nutrients. Or else by the time, the scalp will shrink and die. High and low supply can interrupt the whole process of hair growth. 5 Reasons Why Sugar Leads To Hair Loss Blood sugar chemically reacts with red blood cells and creates misshapen. These deformed blood cells are not flexible in nature. That’s why; it creates circulation problems while entering in the small blood vessels. It’s called capillaries that are the major cause of follicles’ death. There are also some homemade therapies that can help you either way. Moving your head below your heart for 6 to 7 times once or twice a day will help to bring more blood into your scalp. It’s a good exercise unless you are a high blood pressure patient.

Endocrine Abnormalities-The Silent Killer:

Sugar can disrupt the endocrine system that basically controls endocrine organs; the various functions of cells, tissues, and organs through the secretion of hormones. But hypothyroidism is the most common cause which directly affects hair loss. 5 Reasons Why Sugar Leads To Hair Loss The endocrine system produces androgens. This steroid that acts as a male sex hormone influences the male hair growth and responsible for packing old cells together or directly trigger stems cells in the skin to promote healthy hair. This type of patients suffers from thinning hair and losing hair.When the patients failed to control the sugar level, it directly affects the endocrine mechanism. But once the hormone levels become stable again, it starts governing the hair growth.

Autoimmune Diseases That Cause Hair Loss:

There are several foods and ingredients like high-fat, cholesterol, high-protein, excess salt intake, and including high-sugar can foster the rate of promoting autoimmune disease. This imbalance immune system that helps to "seek and destroy" invaders of the body can damage any part of the body; hair fall isn’t out of them. 5 Reasons Why Sugar Leads To Hair Loss   Alopecia areata describes an autoimmune disease that creates blockage when white blood cell attacks the pockets of skin cells in which hair is rooted; causing them to shrink and dramatically slow down hair growth. Lupus and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are other causes of a chronic autoimmune disease that affect different parts of the body including hair production and balding as well. When you are going through a high risk of autoimmune conditions, you are also in a danger of facing problems in own thyroid glands. People with a history of diabetics should consult with a specialist to adopt some of the anti hair loss shampoo or any other instructions to prevent baldness at an early stage.

Intake of sugar could lead to glycation:

Poor diet or high level of intake sugar can break down the protein. On the other hand when you are getting more protein for your body, likely you are securing your hair growth. Perfectly balanced protein ensures your hair will not break at the ends. Fewer split ends mean better growth.   Less protein causes thinning hair, less texture, volume or shine. So when you are ensuring balanced protein system, you are actually helping your hair to grow and become smoother and silkier look indeed. In one sentence, hair is mainly protein and if you have a lack of protein that means you are threatening your hair to grow effectively.

Eliminating sugar may work in others way?

Once you have understood the sugar level is risky for hair production and rebirth. So you might think to eliminate this diet form your menu. It’ll definitely work, right? Not exactly; let me explain why. 5 Reasons Why Sugar Leads To Hair Loss Eliminating sugar from every diet or replacing both are a threat to your hair growth. The solution is not just to cut out all sugary foods; rather replace those empty sugar calories with foods which are rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals. Carefully pack those foods in your everyday meal.   The idea here is to make a balanced hair growth with having perfect nutrients that take care to maintain a balanced sugar level that your body needs.

Final Thoughts:

These reasons indicate that there are significant impacts of having low or high sugar on your own body, including hair loss or thinning hair. Whenever you have been affected by any of these, don’t fret! There are many remedies that can that can improve the system of gain and loss. But again don’t take them lightly as well. Consider visiting a specialist at your earliest.