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6 Protective Braid Styles for Natural Hair

By: Rose Harris at divadealzz.com Protective Braid Styles for Natural Hair Everyone loves their natural hair and look for solutions that helps them in looking great and manage their hair as well. Protective styles are the answer to all natural hair that gives you exceptionally beautiful look. Whenever you are going out for a movie or on vacation, protective style will help you with little manipulation. If you are looking for some amazing protective styles that boost your confidence, here are some brilliant ideas for protective braid styles for natural hair:Bantu Knots bantu knots photo credit: pinterest Bantu knots are one of the greatest ways to braid your natural hair into protective styles. You can mask your two different textures from the starting to the finish of your way. In addition to it, you will achieve the mastery of the most difficult style. This hair style is suited with all kind of outfits and you don’t need much hard work to maintain it once it done completely. Box Braids box braids photo credit: pinterest Box Braids is another trendy style that needs workto achieve, but looks great in different styles when finished. This hairstyle is perfect for any party or special occasion. These are quite appealing due to its low maintenance and can be worn in uncountable styles. If you want to style in another look, you can style it in more than 20 styles.  Half-up, half-down, top-knot, side swept strands, and many more hair styles that come in box braids can give you a stunning look. Marley Twists Marley Twists photo credit: pinterest[ Marley twists are another option to style it for any occasion. Although this hair style is little time consuming but it looks great and add stars to your personality. Whether you are getting ready for red carpet or for your friend’s wedding, this protective style beats any hairstyle. You can do this kind of hair style with any kind of outfits from skirts to denim from glamorous to chic style. Twisted double buns twisted double bun photo credit: pinterest Buns are always first love for every girl. It is easy to handle and give you classy look as well. Double buns are new love among girls as twisting them make the buns more attractive and also give more protection. This is perfect hairstyle for the party look and with look great with dresses. It will give you confidence and surely make you center of attraction in the party. Ghana Braids  ghana braids photo credit: pinterest Ghana braids or feeder braids is one of the beautiful and perfect protective hairstyle. If you are among those who want to look after roots of the hair as well as hair ends, then this style is best for you. You can add color to your braid to make it look sexier. High school girls and office girls or both can carry this style. Low-Braided Pony Tail: braids photo credit: pinterest If you want some hairstyle that suits your personality and gives you amazing look, low-braided pony tail is the best for you. This hairstyle looks simple but it needs a lot of hard work to get perfection. All you have to do is smooth ponytail and put elastic in it all the way down with space in between them. Braid till the end of the hair and put into the band.  You can never go with low- braided pony tail as it goes with every kind of outfit. Conclusion: Now girls don’t have to worry to manage their hair as braids give them protection. It adds perfection to your look. You can easily manage your hair with perfect braids.  Braids need little care like proper oiling and shampoo condition to maintain its moisturizer.