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7 Ways Rice Water can Benefit Your Hair

By Indea Beason

Do You Know the Benefits of Switching to Fermented Rice Water Shampoo?

Anyone who has eaten rice appears to have a lot of good things to share about it. For many countries, it is considered a staple food that is served three times each day. The truth is, rice is more than just that because it could offer you many other benefits. A good example will be the use of fermented rice water shampoo not just for the hair but also for the skin.That's a deception, right? Well, reconsider that thought. Rice is proven to add shine and softness to your hair when used as a shampoo. The fact is, fermented rice water conditioner has been used for many years by Asian women. So, this doesn't come as a surprise that Asian women have some of the longest hair. Curious about how much it costs? What if I reveal that the price is free because it's a DIY or do it yourself shampoo. This post explains the way and outlines the benefits you can get. Without further ado, let's begin.

What you would need:

The procedure is quite quick and simple. The secret is to learn the correct quantity of ingredients. Listed here are the ingredients you will need: * 1 cup organic rice (no matter what type of rice you have) * 2 cups of warm water * 1 chamomile tea (good for blonde) * 1 cup shikakai tea (great for dark hair) * 1/4 cup aloe vera juice (thickens hair and is great for hair loss) * Lavender oil (fragrance) * 1 cup liquid castile soap (good for skin) Rice water for hair growth Directions Step 1 - Get hold of a bowl and pour the rice. Rinse to eliminate dirt and impurities. It is necessary to make use of clean, filtered water that doesn't contain chemicals or other toxins. Step 2 - Before covering the bowl, put warm water and stir. Ratios may not be exact. It depends on how much rice and water used. Allow the rice to soak for about 30 minutes. Swirl to allow minerals and vitamins seep into having a nourishing rinse. Step 3 - Strain the water and put in a clean bowl. At room temperature, allow it to sit for 24-48 hours or until it ferments or became a bit sour. The time period of fermentation process will depend on the room temperature. It is quicker if the area is warmer. You can even keep fermentation time to the very least by allowing the rice to sit in the water then strain once fermented. Step 4 - A lot of people would rather bring the fermented rice water to a boil. It all depends on your hair requirements. To learn which works well, it is advisable to try the two methods. As an additional benefit and more aroma, you may want to add castile soap, chamomile/shikakai tea, aloe vera, and drops of lavender oil. An additional way to making use of cooked rice while the water is extracted. Well, with this practice, you'll need to use additional water than usual. Use the excess water that is with the rice once it is fully cooked. In contrast to uncooked rice, the water you will use is more concentrated. Dilution is required when you let it ferment while covered. https://youtu.be/YKySh_kvgIM Note: With fermented rice water, one can be sure there is no additive. With that said, it should be consumed as soon as you can. To get its utmost benefit, it needs to be consumed in 5 - 6 days.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fermented Rice Water Conditioner?

In search of good reasons to try it? The fermentation process does help in enhancing the rice water effects on your hair. With the minerals and vitamins, it contains vitamin B, vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, and contains traces of pitera, cell regeneration is promoted for vibrant skin. Rice water rinse for hair growth

Some Tips to Use Fermented Rice Water Shampoo for Skin and Hair

Put on the hair after shampooing and carefully massage the hair and scalp. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse. To have the best result, apply it once every week. You may alternatively apply it as your regular shampoo. To further improve its cleaning power, you need to incorporate rice flour. Fermented rice water must be applied to damp hair. Note: You will see its visible result after 3 to 4 weeks of prolonged use. It is not suggested to make use of a blow dryer after washing the hair. You just need the hair to dry out naturally.

Hair Advantages of Fermented Rice Water Shampoo

Several advantages of the skin and hair can be acquired when you begin using fermented rice water shampoo. The advantages are supported by science.

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Hair regeneration is promoted because of the vitamin and amino acids content of rice water. Hence, this can minimize hair fall.

2. Split Ends is Minimal

It is not easy to do away with split ends. Well, rice water consists of a lot of proteins that keep split ends to a minimum. Achieve this by soaking split ends.

3. Hair Rinse

Change your conditioner to rice water. It can boost the hair texture and add volume as well. This can furthermore make the hair smoother, stronger and healthier.

4. Tones up Hair Roots

Like what was mentioned above, amino acids can be found in rice water. It is responsible for toning up the roots, adding shine, and making the hair look and feel silky smooth.

5. Hair is Resistant to Damage

Fermented rice water conditioner helps enhance hair elasticity as it can decrease surface friction. This can untangle your hair for easy combing. Women that have curly or long hair can benefit a lot from this. The element that can help repair damaged hair known as inositol may also be found in it. Even after you rinse your hair, it would still sit on the hair. It can steadily protect the hair.

6. Dandruff Solution

Itchy dandruff shall be taken away with the prolonged use of fermented rice water. This may protect you from scratching your head often.

7. Forget About Lice

Head lice will disappear because of the starch found in rice water. The truth is, it is an excellent solution for lice control before the problem propagates and worsens.The skin may also advantage a lot from rice water. It can be used as moisturizer and ointment to calm down inflamed skin. This will leave the skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Conclusion Like what was outlined, it is clear that fermented rice water shampoo is definitely a great choice. You may ensure to apply it safely because it is naturally created and affordable. With the amazing effect on the hair and skin, it's time to make the switch. I’ve created a more in-depth article about the origins of fermented rice water at Indienikole.com. Visit Indea on her lifestyle blog! Like Post Share and Pin!