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How to Avoid hair Envy

By Maureen of Devout Fashion Magazine Hair envy is a common problem in the world of natural hair. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side, right? Wrong! The grass is greener when it’s loved and well taken care of. There's nothing wrong with admiring other people’s hair, but it’s important to feel proud of your own crown too. Hair envy can cause you to resent your own hair, which can lead to behaviors that are damaging to your hair and/or your self-image. If you're dealing with a case of hair envy, here’s some food for thought that can hopefully help you appreciate the unique beauty of your hair. I've found that having a healthy hair care routine is a key step to loving your hair. When your hair is healthy and moisturized it will look and feel its best. Finding the right products and styles that work for your texture and length is essential too. Looking back, I miss the way some styles looked when my hair was shorter, so always try to appreciate your hair at its current length. Remember that more length often equals more maintenance, so if your hair is short, enjoy it while you can! https://youtu.be/1ViHphS_iAc   When I first went natural, I turned to YouTube for inspiration and styling ideas and I was mesmerized by the curls on some of my favorite vloggers. Yes, there have been times I followed a tutorial start to finish only to be disappointed with the results. But I eventually learned to tweak styles to make them work for my hair, not the other way around. If there's a style you're trying to achieve and it doesn’t come out as expected, you may just need to adjust your approach. Maybe you need a product with more hold, or a product that is heavier or more lightweight. Or you might just need to modify your technique to make it work for your texture. Experiment with different styles/methods until you find what works for you. Following YouTubers with hair that’s similar to yours is helpful but realistically, you can’t expect your hair to behave the exact same way as someone else’s. More importantly, you should never compare your hair to anyone else's. Easier said than done, I know, but it will get you absolutely nowhere. Like Teddy Roosevelt said: comparison is the thief of joy. Your hair is unique and that’s a beautiful thing!