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Natural Hair Queen: Guest Post

Natural Hair Queen: Guest Post Interview Natural healthy Hair Queen Tiffany! My name is Tiffany Canady and I am from Valdosta, Ga. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for almost 4 years Why did you choose to go natural? I decided to go natural due to my health issues and the medications that I had to take. Did you big chop or transitioned? Tell us the reason why? I did the big chop when I went natural mainly because I was just over dealing with my hair coming out and my scalp burning every time I got a relaxed. If Big Chopped? How did it made you feel at first? It really wasn’t a big deal for me to do the big chop I had worn my hair in a short pixie when I had a relaxer so cutting it off and starting over wasn’t a big change. Describe your hair texture? My hair is hair can be challenging to comb through and can be dry at times it’s considered to be 4c. What do you love most about your natural hair? I feel free. I feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I went natural. What do you least like about your hair? The only thing that I don’t care for with going natural is the shrinkage I experience when i was it. What is your favorite(s) hairstyle? Do you wear low manipulation or protective hairstyles? If so, how often and why? My favorite hairstyles are rod sets and any protective style. I am a cosmetologist so I do everyone else’s hair and I rarely have time to do mine the way I would like to wear it. When you decided to go natural, what was the response from those in your life? (family, friends, co-workers) Was it negative or positive? How it made you feel? How do they feel today? When I decided to go natural it was due to a change in medication that seemed to change the texture of my hair. And when I had a relaxer it was coming out so bad so I decided to just cut it off and start over. Going natural comes with challenges. What was your biggest giant to overcome? If so, how have you resolved this matter? My biggest challenge with my hair was dealing with shrinkage and my other problem was finding the time to do it so I chose to wear a lot of crochet braids. I am a hairstylist so it was a lot of trail and error. I did ask a few hair stylist to get their input and I also watched a few YouTube videos Tell us your hair care regimen and what are your favorite products you use? I shampoo every two weeks and deep condition and let air dry. I love to use the peppermint oil and my favorite brand of products are Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture. What natural hair resource (i.e. youtube/blog/website/ groups) you go to on information and advice for your natural hair? I enjoy watching YouTube videos from time to time. Do you have a favorite natural? Who and why? I do not have a favorite natural. What is your hair goal moving forward? I just want to see how long it can get. What advice would give to our audience who is deciding to go natural or is thinking about giving up on their current natural hair? To anyone deciding to go natural just make sure it’s something that u really want to do. You can achieve some of the cutest hairstyles being natural but it does take time and work so be prepared. To anyone wanting to give up on bring natural please don’t. It will get easier and better just give it a little more time. If online? Tell us where you can be found? I can be reached on Twitter @heavenly_tc Thanks for sharing to us Tiffany on your natural hair journey!