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Natural Hair Queen: Guest Post

1.Hello and Welcome! Please introduce yourself to our audience. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Frances, a natural hair blogger and I am from Nigeria. 2. How long have you been natural? I have only been natural for 5 months and a week 3. Why did you choose to go natural? I decided to go natural because my hair was really damaged, I didn’t see any other way out and I finally decided to connect with my roots. 4. Did you big chop or transitioned? Tell us the reason why? I chose to transition because I wasn’t ready to chop all my hair off, I was scared of the drastic change in looks. I have always had hair all my adult life so I wasn’t sure I would like it. 5. How long was your transition? I am still transitioning, but I must say it hasn’t been easy, so my first 1 year mark has been reduced to 6 months, I think I am a bit more confident now, plus I love my new curls so am I Big Chopping in a few weeks *fingers crossed* 6. Describe your hair texture? My hair is Kinky and soft. Probably too early to tell but I think it’s a 4C. 7. What do you love most about your natural hair? I am surprising obsessed with my hair, I cant stop touching the new growth. Its its tightly curled and thick and I feel it has its own mind. 8. What do you least like about your hair? It dries pretty fast and my edges are still recovering. 9. What is your favorite(s) hairstyle? Do you wear low manipulation or protective hairstyles? If so, how often and why? I mostly wear Wigs as I really cant deal with the 2 different hair textures, I just rock my corn rolls with wigs and Crochet occasionally. 10. When you decided to go natural, what was the response from those in your life? (family, friends, co-workers) Was it negative or positive? How it made you feel? How do they feel today? They were mostly indifferent, hubby was definitely on board and some of my friends just thought I couldn’t pull it off. So I guess am surprising some people right now. Just wait till I big Chop in a few weeks hahahaha 11. Going natural comes with challenges. What was your biggest giant to overcome? If so, how have you resolved this matter? My biggest Challenge was finding out my hair type and the scarcity of information on how to manage it, also the dryness was discouraging but Leave in Conditioner and shea butter are my new best friends so problem solved. 12. Tell us your hair care regimen and what are your favorite products you use? I haven’t really experimented so much but i use Cantu products from Shampoos, conditioners, leave in… I wash my hair once a week and and I use lots of leave in conditioner and shea butter to keep my hair moist and healthy. I also use coconut oil. 13. What natural hair resource (i.e. youtube/blog/website/ groups) you go to on information and advice for your natural hair? All of the above, there is always something new to learn and I try to gain as much information as I can also because I run my own natural hair beauty blog. 14. Do you have a favorite natural? Who and why? I have quite few, can’t pick any particular one out but I love them because they are experienced and we have same hair type so it makes my journey easier. 15. What is your hair goal moving forward? My hair goal is to grow the most healthy beautiful long natural hair that people will be inspired to go natural by just seeing my hair lol. 16. What advice would give to our audience who is deciding to go natural or is thinking about giving up on their current natural hair? I am not really in a position to suggest out advice, because I am still. Natural hair journey is personal, I think of how your hair would thank you in a few years from now and motivate yourself. Follow people who are successful in their hair journey, if they can do it, then you can too. Natural hair is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. 17. If online? Tell us where you can be found? You can check out my blog frochiclife.blogspot.com Twitter: @frochiclife Facebook group: frochiclife Thank you! Thanks Frances! for sharing your transition experience. Your natural hair is definitely a lifestyle, not a trend. To your success as you continue on with your remarkable hair journey