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Grow Natural Hair Thicker

Lets clear this notion. Black hair does and can grow. The reason why it may seems that it's not growing, that the ends of the hair are probably breaking off quickly due to possible poor care habits, such as dry-brittle hair, hair constantly rubbing on clothing, medication, poor diet, stress, or hormone changes, just to name a few. Black hair can grow long. This will take extra care to implement healthy practices to retain length. Image result for natural long hair photo credit: pinterest When your hair needs a boost, most people quickly reach for their favorite conditioner for an immediate boost. Conditioners however, despite the claims, can only cosmetically make your hair feel improved and true hair health starts from within the roots, way before it leaves the follicles. So to create great hair, try taking a few tips from several ancient cultures who have traditionally harnessed the potency of seaweed in creating a thick, long, shiny mane. Seaweed possesses tremendous nutritional properties and may be used internally and externally. Adding seaweed to your diet and using natural, organic shampoos that contain also seaweed can improve your overall hair health.Eating Seaweed All seaweeds are high in fibre, as well as essential nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. For example,Nori seaweed is a rich source of the trace mineral iodine, which is essential for healthy hair growth, also iron, zinc and selenium.Zinc and iron are especially vital for hair growth and a healthy scalp. A lack of either nutrient can cause slow growth and certain types of hair loss are directly attributed to lack of iron.Many people with thinning hair swear by Kelp tablets as a supplement to their diet. Seaweed in Hair Products Several natural hair products claim that seaweed can stimulate the hair shaft, help relieve scalp itching and prevent dandruff, as well as cleanse the hair of free radicals. In addition the selenium, zinc and iron and numerous other nutrients are able to feed the hair promoting gloss and elasticity while reducing dryness. Read more from article source