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7 Common Causes to Natural Hair Breakage

There are many ways that hair breakage can occur to natural black hair. Hair of those of African descendants are generally curly to tightly coiled with spirals. Afro-textured or “kinky hair have challenges to retain hair moisture, thus  the hair dries quickly. There are many styling methods utilized on Afro-textured hair can cause hair breakage and  hair loss. Although, Afro-textured hair appears strong, unfortunately if not careful Black related hair styles can cause hair and scalp issues, such as alopecia or thinning. 7 common causes to natural hair breakage

Common Causes to Hair Breakage

When wearing  twist-outs, braids-outs, an Afro, gentle precaution must be made when using a hair pick to pick the hair up to lessen parts or to achieve a fuller look. The constant pulling can cause tension on the hair shaft as well as the follicle. Constant combing Afro-textured hair in general can create high stress leading to hair breakage.

  1. Wearing tight hair styles, such as ponytails on a regular basis, held with rubber bands can lead to breakage. Tight braids, such as cornrows pull on the hair follicles that can cause hair loss. Braiding that results in the hair being pulled very tight can cause traumatic alopecia. This is where you see scalp bald spots and thinning of hair. However, is properly addressed, regaining slow hair growth is possible.

2. Using hair products that contain certain inferior ingredients or bad alcohols that can dry the hair out. The ongoing use of hair gels that not only hardens, but when worn too long can potentially cause hair to break. 3. Not re-moisturizing or moisturizing hair correctly. Not preparing hair for bed or properly or not covering hair at night with satin or silk cap/scarf can lead to hair breakage. 4. Hot curling irons, hot combs, flat irons, and relaxers used to straighten hair can cause a heat damage and chemical damage to hair and scalp, which can also lead to alopecia. Gradually over time this can cause permanent hair loss. 6. Certain medications, elevated stress, poor diet, poor hair care habits, or certain lifestyle can or may cause hair to alter leading to thinning, hair loss, or hair breakage. Most of which can be reversible. 7. Consider that hair relaxers commonly used on Black hair contain lye or similar chemicals that break down the hair shaft.  These chemicals can cause scalp burns and irritation. Left beyond application time, these can eat through the hair shaft.  These chemicals can be found in products like Drano that is used to unclogged  or break down hair in the drain. No-lye relaxers are very popular today, mainly because it leads people to believe that the product is not harmful. This is far from the truth. The combination of calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate are combined to form guanidine hydroxide, which could just as easily clean a sink. Repeated use of such products can cause some degree of hair loss, and if scarring occurs while using these chemicals, the hair loss can be permanent in that area of the scalp. One must ask themselves is it wise to place such, chemicals in the hair on a regular basis for the sake of desired appearance? The question must be answered by each individual; however the facts should be known. There is little that can be done to alleviate this syndrome without changing the typical hairstyles of African Americans. There is a catch-22 concerning relaxing Black hair, since combing natural black hair causes so much stress and breakage of hair, while chemicals cause so much harm to the hair and scalp as well. There are a few hair-relaxing products on the market that use chemicals and are somewhat less harsh than sodium hydroxide (lye) or its popular equivalent in “no-lye” relaxers: calcium hydroxide (quicklime) mixed with guanidine carbonate. One such product is called Natural-Laxer® and Sahara Clay® by Baka ProductsTM that has been on the market since 1990. This product is all natural and because it does not contain many of the harsh chemicals of commercial relaxers and actually contains only a finely ground plant called Daphne Gnidium and clay from Africa it is figured to be relatively safe. Of course this product does not straighten hair in most instances the same way as commercial relaxers, however it does tend to make natural black hair more manageable. There is yet another product on the market that is reported to be 92-96% natural which is called Naturalaxer Kit In A Jar™ that does not require the applicant to comb through the hair during the application, which results in a lot less damage. Of course, the bottom line is once again, if you can leave your hair in its natural state then you will experience less stress and damage to the hair and thus prevent at least one cause of hair loss. Many women are now becoming comfortable with wearing their hair in natural styles, such as locs, Afro, twist-outs, braid-outs, and tweeny-weeny-Afro

Natural Hair Solutions

I like hot oil treatments, pre-poo treatment, and deep conditioners are excellent for natural black hair, as hot oil treatments contain proteins and polymers vital to repairing the hair cuticles. Hot oil treatments involve heating any organic oil and putting it into the hair and scalp, then covering the hair with a plastic cap to allow the oil to soak in for 30 minutes. Be careful not to boil to avoid depleting oils essential properties. Pre-proo treatment using organic oil, such as olive oil, argan oil, or coconut oil, apply to hair, cover for 1 to 2 hours or the next day.  Deep conditioning helps to strengthen and restore brilliance back to your hair. Follow the recommendations on the treatment you are using for the amount of time you should leave the treatment on the hair. Protein treatment can help to restore and repair damage made to the hair shaft. These treatment methods can heal hair breakage, strengthen, and give healthy results. I am the author of "Life is a Hair Way"If you are experiencing hair damage resulting in hair breakage. Trust hair breakage can occur from time to time. Not identifying the root cause and how to correct such ongoing hair breakage is overwhelming. That is why I wrote a natural hair book concerning such traumatic experience, for those who may need help and suggestions to point to causes and simple remedies and helpful solutions to achieve healthy growing natural hair. Get your free Chapter to stop hair breakage. Life is a Hair Way Cover Need assistance or got a question concerning natural hair contact me here https://lumynexessentials.com/contact Like this post? Share and Pin