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Division Among Natural Hair Types

There’s this notion so once a black woman goes natural, she has reached her higher altitude concerning her self-possession. The Big Chop can be shown as a statement rising above the typical societal norms. But for many black women this is true, especially in the natural hair community. Being able to stand firmly and loving themselves from the roots to the tips of their hair. Taken verbal blows and criticism is what make most naturals become stronger to stand and embrace their hair even more. Giving great thanks to many natural hair blogs and natural hair Youtube Vloggers contribute greatly to the natural hair community. Educating and informing on natural hair care, hairstyles, do it yourself home remedies, and unique personalized hair regimens. But unfortunately their is obvious separation of colorism and discrimination lingering between certain preferred hair types. This is a sensitive topic, but needs to be continually addressed until black women stand, support, and applaud each other. But in the black community instead of truly standing with each other, competition within our race is profound. Instead, partiality causing division quietly among us. In this case, having looser type hair is seen as the ideal hair type where as the 4C hair type is rediculed. This is ludicrous. This is a fall in the natural hair community among black women and men. “A house divided cannot stand” -Mark 3:25 Whether if this is unintentional cannot be ignored. Because frustration level rise among 4 type hair women. Women with lighter skin, long hair, or loose curls are admired greatly. Given the impression that is the ideal natural hair, especially when mixed with another race. Although, it is quietly seen this way. I cannot logically agree that is not true. When a black women say “I don’t like my hair, I want your hair type.” That is devaluing oneself of the unique quality of your hair type. Again, coming from societal views. In the natural hair community all hair type is unique to one own self. The news to some that when 4 type hair is considered “unruly” or “nappy” in its afro coiled pack state. It is not considered appealing or attractive, unless stunningly manipulated into wave liked patterns, such as a twist-outs or braid-outs. I feel rocking hair in an afro natural state or even locs is attractive, regardless if not manipulated into a “preferred” twist-out or braid-out style. Being natural is a fight against what is considered “good hair” when division is rampant. Conforming to the idea of which hair type or texture pattern is “better,” looser vs kinkier texture is irrelevant and should be done away with. As more dark-skinned women and men with kinkier texture speak out, such as on blogs and Youtube. This will hopefully give increase awareness and lessen discrimination among naturals in the community. It is our own way of thinking that feeds the colorism and division towards each other. Light skinned, brown skinned, or dark skinned. Your hair is your crown and should never be compared to, judged on, ridiculed, due to the fact it does not move, act, or behave in a certain way as yours. Your hair is your own and only you can care it like it should. Feel free to share your opinion on this topic.