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How to Transition to Natural Hair from Relaxed Hair

I'm going to be talking about how to transition to natural hair from relaxed hair . I can relate to the overtime damaged relaxer made to my hair that lead me to cut it off few months later into my transition.

Transitioning Hair Tips

One of the best thing that you can do while transitioning is to keep your hair moisturized and wear protective styles, such as braids, weaves, or wigs. Just be careful not to prolong the wear as your hair underneath needs care. When transitioning you have two different textures, the relaxed end of your hair and your natural growth at the roots. What will happen your relaxed ends will start breaking off from your natural hair. Usually, during detangling your hair, washing hair, or manipulating, or styling your hair strands are occurring injury as you're transitioning. Transitioning gives time for your natural growth to appear, but big chop is brave. If you're ready for short hair or you're ready to just cut your relaxed ends and make a healthy start. Then go ahead and chop it off. Health over length is always better. Because without health, hair well suffer setbacks. Conditioning will definitely help will health of your hair. You will feel more comfortable to know that your new growth is healthy as your texture is finally showing. Condition your hair weekly so to keep your hair very healthy, soft, and moisturized. When you see your kinky curly hair, you be glad to know your texture is thriving. Not taking care of your hair will experience damage over time. Just like having a baby your provide tender loving care. So, yes always condition your hair and keep moisturized. That is one of the main things you must do with hair in general. Natural oils/butter creams just to name a few (jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, amla oil, coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter, and cocoa butter) are beneficial. Figuring out what oil and butter cream works best will help with the health or your hair. Personally, I use castor oil and olive oil. Using cold press oil is better as it is extracted from plants or seeds in a special way. You can apply your natural oil to your scalp and your hair. Your hair will be shinier and may make your hair very softer. Oil and butter creams are sealants, that is used to lock in hairs moisture longer. To seal in the moisture that you already previously put in, such as in leave-in conditioner you want to make sure you seal it with oil/butters so that it stays for as long as possible. If you're doing a washing goal your ends are going to need more attention. If your hair feels dry after a couple of days reapply the leaving leave-in conditioner and the oil whatever works for you. Best way is to spritz hair with water, apply the leave-in oil/butter cream to retain moisture. Find products that will work for your natural hair and your relaxed hair because you want to try and keep your relaxed hair healthy too so that it won't break off as much, because when it starts to break off you're eventually going to cut it off. If relaxed hair is breaking or thinning due to competition of the new growth. Just cut if off. You can feel free knowing that your natural hair journey begins right now.