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8 Best Ingredients for Black Woman Hair


There are so many products used by women with a black hair out of ignorant to protect and maintain their natural black hair which otherwise harms their hair. There is much information online regarding what is right and what is not suitable for a black women hair. It is your responsibility to be your hair advocate when it comes to getting your perfect product for you. What works for someone’s hair may not work for your hair, shampoo, silicones, and plenty oil may be good for your hair, and if it is so, there is no need for you to stop using it. Look at the ingredients on any hair product you purchase.Here are some of the best ingredients for black women hair, whether they are among your favorite product or options for your home mixtures. 8 Best Ingredients for Black Woman Hair

1) Water

Water is the ultimate moisturizer. It doesn’t only work outside your body, but also works from the inside too.  When you are getting any product, and this is the first ingredient listed on it that is an excellent thing. This means that the product is putting moisture back into your hair. Then, it is left for you to retain the moisture, therefore ensure you still it with whatever method is sufficient for your tresses.

2) Coconut oil

It is a fantastic emollient because unlike other oils, coconut oil actually penetrates the cortex rather than a simple setting on top of it and also make it look good and shiny. Although you can find some hair products contain coconut oil, it will be more effective if it is pure or organic, you can use it directly from the jar. It absorbs wonderfully and is multi-purpose, you can use it on your body and also suitable for cooking.

3) Olive oil

Olive oil is another multi-functional product; it is perfect for hot oil treatment and for mixing with rinse- out conditioners. This is a massive oil and can weigh your hair down, therefore, do not apply it too much of it to your hair. Olive oil is an excellent and perfect ingredient for you if you are a DIY type.

4) Sodium Laurent sulfate

For individuals out there who are used to reading ingredient labels, this ingredient may throw you, especially if you don’t like using sulfate-based shampoos.  The significant mainstream of commercial shampoos has either sulfate sodium Laurent sulfate or sodium lauryl. Sodium Lauryl easily dries hair. Sodium Laurent sulfate is suitable for black hair as it won’t get excessively dry.

5) Aloe Vera

Purported to prevent hair loss, Aloe Vera has another function apart from soothing sunburn. An excellent aloe Vera shampoo is said to restore the pH levels of the scalp. You can use Aloe Vera juice and gel for DIY treatments; Aloe Vera on its own is also a moisturizing ingredient.

6) Castor oil

This hair product is suitable for cleansing the scalp removing toxins, and advancing thicker hair growth, using castor oil twice on one a week. You do not need much of it at a time as it is incredibly dense. While pharmacy- grade castor oil is adequate, numerous women looking for even more benefits and growth swear by black castor oil.

7) Avocado oil

You are familiar with the moisturizing properties of this vegetable if you have ever used mashed as a conditioning treatment. This oil is suitable for use on anyone suffering dry, thirsty locks. It is heavy because of this feature is ideal for women with coarse, denser texture.

8) Jojoba oil

This oil is a natural ingredient oil because its composition is similar to that of scalp’s natural oils. Use directly from the container, though it's not regarded as valid a penetrator as coconut oil, or mix conditioners and hair moisturizer. It is perfect for individual desire a lightweight oil that will not pull the hair down.The above ingredients are hidden secrets of many women who are doing fine with their black hair. Have you ever tried any of these products? Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. Thanks. Looking forward to your feedback.