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A Short Intro to Natural Hair Products

A "back to Earth" movement has been slowly gaining speed over the past few years. Organic foods free of pesticides and genetically-modified ingredients and renewable materials such as hemp, bamboo, 100% cotton and other all-natural products are widely used. Many other goods are following this trend in various ways, such as paying fees to offset your carbon footprint, buying or leasing a hybrid vehicle, and feeding your pets raw or all-natural diets. Beauty products are also a part of this movement. Some companies have gone "green" since their start decades ago, while others are now offering all-natural products alongside their regular ones. These goods cover everything the average woman may keep in her bathroom, from makeup and skin care to hair care. Natural hair care products may seem questionable to some customers, particularly those with set habits when it comes to their hair (dye it every four weeks, shampoo it every other day, blow-dry it thoroughly, and load it with hairspray and gel the same way each time). When you follow a routine like this, you are fighting your hair's natural texture. Genetics determine this set texture, and whether you agree with it or not, mother nature does know best when it comes to what looks best on your head! Unfortunately, whether they have curly or pin straight hair, women have long sought what lays on the other side of the fence. Wavy-haired gals worked hard to straighten their hair, while straight-haired women pin their hair up in curlers in an attempt to get that perfectly wavy mane. All these attempts often damage hair over time, particularly if the products used are harsh. When hair becomes damaged, it is irrelevant whether you leave it in its natural state or continue to try to fix it the way you wish it to be-the strands simply look tired and limp. Using natural hair products not only reverse this damage, but they also enhance the natural texture of your hair. If you hated your curls because they were frizzy, then products like shea butter and safflower oil will gently weight down and smooth out the strands, giving you gorgeous, sleek waves. If you disliked your straight hair because it was limp and thin, then products such as vitamin A, C and E will fill the individual strands of the hair, giving each shaft body and bounce. If you are tired of fighting your hair, or think that it looks dead or dull, then consider giving it a break and use natural hair products. You will not be disappointed! Source link