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How to Grow Hair Longer Wearing Protective Styles

Hair textures that are curly, coarse, dry or slow-growing may benefit from less styling. Styles that leave the ends of the hair exposed during colder months might cause breakage and it appears that is is not growing. Here are three protective style ideas to help grow hair longer. Hairstyles that help to keep moisture in the hair strands are cornrows french braids, two strand twists, and box braids. All of these styles can be achieved without extensions. Adding extensions may require the assistance of a hair stylist. These braided or twisted styles can last longer with extensions and can be braided with the hairs health in mind. Always tell a stylist when braids are too tight or painfully pull at the hairline. During warmer months wearing the hair out is a great option if it is not grazing the shoulders. Sometimes when hair is constantly rubbing against cotton, wool jackets, or covered with wool scarves the hair will break. Choose styles where the ends will not rub against anything other than bare skin, silk, or satin. Out hairstyles could be an afro, twa, twist out, roller set, or style achieved by shingling with a brush and a smoothing product. Half wigs that are similar to your texture are easy to wear. If blowing the hair out or flat ironing is necessary to wear a specific style consider not heat styling again for at least a week. If the half wig is straight or wavy only the front of the hair needs to be flat ironed. Curly, wavy, and kinky half wigs do not require heat styling and are easier to blend. The half wig can be taken off daily for comfort and to let the scalp breathe. Styling without heat tools and daily combing can help natural hair retain hair length. Use these tips to grow natural hair longer. Source link