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How to Protect Hair From Heat Damage

In today's world, everyone wants to look perfect, and having perfect hair is part of the process. People have become style conscious, and want to experiment with different types of hairstyles. Different styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, or rollers can cause heat damage to the hair. Nowadays, most people do not have the time to let their hair dry naturally so, using blow dryers have become a norm. People with curly hair wish to change their look from time to time with the use of hair straighteners, and straight-haired individuals use curling tongs and rollers to have a different look. Although it may seem convenient and exciting, using these devices can do serious damage to hair with prolonged usage. They cause hair to lose their natural oils and moisture and make them prone to dryness, split ends and damage. There are some ways that you can use to protect your hair from heat damage. Firstly, allow your hair to have a break from heat styling occasionally and let it dry naturally. If you are not in a hurry and do not have to go out, it is not necessary to style them using heat-based devices. It is also a good step to invest in good quality styling devices if you use them often. There are ionic hair dryers available in the market that release negative charges to seal in moisture. Similarly, some straighteners also come with protective coatings that do the least damage to your hair. You should invest in good quality hair products that help prevent heat damage and keep hair in good condition. It is important to use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner that restores lost moisture to the hair and protects them while heat styling. In addition, there are many styling products such as hair serums and sprays, which protect the hair shaft from damage during heat styling. You should always use a protective product before using heat devices. If you are a regular user of styling devices, it is essential to take some time out to pamper your hair. Regular oil treatments or deep conditioning treatments should be a part of your period. Regular trims also help prevent split ends and keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Hair is more susceptible to damage when they are wet. It is better to let hair dry naturally and then straighten or curl them. This causes less damage to the hair cuticle than straightening or curling when they are wet. Heat damage is not only caused by styling devices. The sun is also a major source of heat damage to the hair. Before going out in the sun, it is better to apply a product that has UV protection and shields the hair from the sun's damaging rays. One can also wear a hat or cover the head with a veil to protect against harmful sun rays. Although the use of styling devices it addictive, one can always try to use them only when required. That and the use of good quality products, along with care, can certainly help prevent hair from heat damage. Source link