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Protective Hair Styles to Grow Your Hair

Cornrow Protective Hairstyle Source: Pinterest When someone is not familiar with protective styles, the first question that comes to mind is what am I protecting my hair from? A protective hairstyle is either wearing your own hair or having a hair add-on to limit the amount of time spent in your hair. It cuts down on the handling or frequent manipulation that can cause stress to the hair. Protective hairstyles can look wonderful and elegant. They are great for short natural hair, long hair, and curly hair. Imagine wearing protective styles it saves a lot of time in the morning. They aid in hair growth as hair is not constantly being handled.Protective hairstyles for black hair can protect your hair from seasonal change and the elements, such as heat, humidity, and wind. Pay close attention to the style you choose, such as cornrows or buns. If wearing buns or up-dos? Make sure the clips or pins you use to hold the hair position are alternated to lessen breakage or repeated tension in the same area. Whether your hair is curly, thick or thin. Know what your hair likes and how long it can tolerate the hairstyle. I alternate between an up-do or a bun during the week. I take down daily to free from clips or bobby pins, followed by a good massage to stimulate blood circulation for growth. Also, I incorporate hydration and moisture regimen and repeat the style the next morning. Protective+Hairstyles+For+Natural+Hair Source: Pinterest  Increase wearing protective hairstyles that are low manipulation and that do not cause harm to your hair, such as having tight cornrows or wearing wig clips that constantly applied to the same area to cause pulling on roots. If you slowed down on wearing protective style, I encourage you to start today. You will be amazed on how it will benefit your hair as part of your regimen. On average hair grows approximately 0.5 inch per month resulting in about 6 inches of hair growth per year. Unfortunately, many women do not see this amount of hair growth due to unhealthy hair care practices. However, there is a great way to retain the hair you grow and that is by wearing styles that protect your hair. Protective hairstyles keep your strands from being exposed to elements in the air and from your clothing. If your hair is constantly exposed without some form of protection, it will eventually become dry and fragile. This will extremely result in breakage and stunted growth. The ultimate goal is to maintain the 6 inches of growth that you may achieve through the year.

Some Benefits of wearing Protective Hair Styles:

- Length Retention - Promotes a reduction in breakage - Allows the hair to lock in moisture reducing the chances of it drying out - Requires less daily manipulation, ie combing and brushing - You can still look chic, sexy, and professional

Examples of Protective Hair Styles:

Any style that keeps your hair away from your clothing, keep the ends hidden, and keeps your hands out of your hair as much as possible can be considered protective. - Buns - Braids (I do not recommend micro-braids for women with thin hair) - Soft Up-dos - Wigs (I recommend wearing wigs that do not have the comb attached, if there is one attached remove before wearing) - Braid outs - Single French braid - Roller-setsWomen experience a number of benefits from incorporating a safeguard approach for their strands, especially women who are diligent in growing thin hair long. Remember to incorporate these styles into your haircare regimen for ultimate results! Read More  Source link What is your go-to protective hairstyle?