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5 Habits That Damage Black Hair


The human hair is one of the parts of the body that humans never joke with. This is because of the so many things that the hair stands for. Everyone knows that hair makes people look more gorgeous, handsome and beautiful depending on the gender. Hair Loss From Alopecia A lot of people do lots of styles with their hair to make them look classy and more sophisticated and more beautiful. Apart from beauty, however, the hair is also important in other ways. Most people do not know that the hair helps to keep the scalp away from the heat of the sun. It also holds the body in heat. All these functions make it imperative to keep the hair healthy and take care of it assiduously. Despite all the steps taken to make sure that the hair is well taken care of, there are still some habits, conscious and unconscious that do a lot of damage to the hair. There is a saying that in order to find a solution to a problem, one needs to know about that problem first. The habits that damage the hair are as follows:
  1. Poor Diet

Every part of the body requires nutrients in order to stay healthy and continue to function adequately and efficiently. This is also applicable to the hair. How beautiful and lush the hair looks depends on the type of food eaten. There are some foods and drinks that actually cause damage to the hair and they include foods that are full of sugar, alcoholic drinks, fast foods. Foods that make the hair healthy include eggs, which provides protein and biotin. These two nutrients are very good for the hair. Protein, for example, promotes hair development and when it is deficient in a diet, it leads to hair loss. Other great foods for the hair include spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, avocados, etc. Spinach is rich in protein and Vitamins A, C and E, nutrients which are essential for healthy hair. Sweet potatoes also contain Beta-carotene, which in the body, is converted into Vitamin A. To prevent a lifeless hair, it is better to add this to the diet. Avocados contain a lot of proteins, vitamins and amino acids and this combination soothes the scalp, helping the hair to grow long, healthy and strong. Little wonder why oils for the hair are made from it. Nut also contain the same vitamins, essential fatty acids and zinc and also helps to promote hair growth.
  1. Tools for hairstyles

In a bid to create the best hairstyle, people sometimes inadvertently cause damage to the hair. Some hairstyle tools are just, for want of a better word, over the top. Sometimes too much use of the same tools could cause damage.Too much of the hairdryer, for example, can cause surface damage. Hair Loss From Alopecia
  1. Chlorinated pool

Chlorine is usually added to the swimming pool in order to combat bacteria which are dangerous. These chemicals, however, can cause severe damage to the hair when left exposed to them.
  1. Aggressive brushing

Aggressive brushing is very common especially when one is in a hurry or when the comb or brush being used is not moving smoothly across the hair. This could cause frustration. The problem, however, is that brushing the hair aggressively makes it more brittle and also damage the roots of the hair. The roots of the hair may be so damaged that hair may never grow there again or not look healthy. When that happens, the hair is susceptible to germs.
  1. Hairstyles

Granted, hairstyles make one look more beautiful but the type of hairstyle done may be dangerous. Some hairstyles may be too tight, causing unnecessary stress to the hair roots and follicles, making them unable to grow. There are so many more habits that cause damage to the hair. Combing or brushing the hair or having a hot shower are also habits that can cause damage to the hair. To prevent hair damage, all one has to do is limit oneself from engaging or being involved in these habits. For example, it is better to cover the hair with a swim cap when using a swimming pool, taking the time to dry the hair before brushing it, and slowly brushing the hair and so on. One should also try as much as possible to eat foods rich in vitamins and proteins. By following all the rules, the hair will continue to remain healthy. Like Post? Share and Pin! [yikes-mailchimp form="1" title="1" description="1"]