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Six Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage During Detangling

Having curly, kinky, or tightly coiled hair, requires patience and time as the fine hairs can easily get knots. There are different ways to go about detangling your hair. But for curly, kinky or tightly coiled hair, it is recommended is separate with fingers with lots of conditioner, using your trusted wide toothcomb or detangling brush, depending on you hair. As hair grows, the bends and curls of natural hair are prone to tangles. It takes patience to slowly comb through. Detangling natural hair properly is critical as a way to retain hair length. Mishandling hair out of patience can lead to increase breakage. Detangle hair when needed is the key to your own regimen. You can detangle weekly, such as when your are preparing hair for shampooing.

Here are 6 steps to keep in mind to achieve less breakage:

1) Never Detangle Hair When Dry Increased hair breakage can occur on natural dry hair. Using a fine tooth comb can potentially further the risks on curly kinky/tightly coiled hair. 2) Spritz hair with warm water to hydrate your hair Wetting the hair, will help to loosen the kinks and curls. 3) Part your hair When hair is wet. You can either part with your fingers or use a rat-tail comb. Depending on hair density (thickness of hair). Your can part your hair into 4 to 6 sections. Have hair clips to keep remaining hair out of the way. 4) Use Conditioner When hair is wet, add rinse conditioner or leave-in onto hair or mix either in a water spray bottle. This will help with the detangling hair process. You can use other warm oils and butters to assist with detangling, depending on how your hair responds. Having a liquid water based product helps. To keep things simple; mix conditioner in a water spray bottle to apply to sectioned hair. 5) Detangle With Fingers/Wide Tooth Comb Start at ends of hair and work up to the root with fingers. As you detangle you can feel for knots or hair balls to trim. You can also use hair tools, such as a wide tooth comb, Denman brush or tangle teezer to assist. Spray hair when needed if hair starts to become dry. 6) Keep Hair out of the Way After each detangling. You can two strand twist or hold with clips to prepare hair for your next regimen. These 6 steps are many of basic steps you can start with. Detangling curly, kinky/tightly coiled hair is a process and does take patience. A lot of patience. When detangling add conditioners, oils, or butters of your preference it will make it a lot easier. How Do You Detangle Your Hair?