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4 Tips to Improve Natural Hair Texture

“There are several different hair types. Curly, wavy or straight or even a combination of the three. But sometimes, regardless of anything you do, your hair texture would be ruined. In this article, we...
natural hair in the workplace

Natural Hair Perceived as Discrimination in the Workplace

"Define what constitutes extreme hair. Many people end up discriminating against natural hair because they don't understand the necessary styling options when dealing with natural hair. For instance, many companies may label cornrows, dreadlocks...
brittle hair

Tips to Deals with Dry Brittle Hair

Tips to deal with dry brittle hair is helpful. Having a good healthy scalp that produce oil helps to nourish the hair. There are several reasons why hair can become dry. One natural way...
Stretched Natural Hair

Wearing Natural Hair Stretched Lessen Tangles

Photo Credit: Getty Images Wearing natural hair stretched lessens tangles. If have natural kinky hair its not a surprise that hair commonly forms tangles and knots. As the hair continues to grow, strands loop around...
Prevent hair breakage

Six Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage During Detangling

Having curly, kinky, or tightly coiled hair, requires patience and time as the fine hairs can easily get knots. There are different ways to go about detangling your hair. But for curly, kinky or...
Natural hairvideo

Division Among Natural Hair Types

There’s this notion so once a black woman goes natural, she has reached her higher altitude concerning her self-possession. The Big Chop can be shown as a statement rising above the typical societal norms....

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