Dealing With Dry Brittle Hair Ends


Having a good healthy scalp that produce oil helps to nourish the hair. There are several reasons why hair can become dry. One natural way is that the hair becomes dry when it does not produce much oil to coat the hair shaft. The sebaceous glands which are connected to individual hair follicles produce and excrete hair oil called sebum, which is responsible to coat the hair. The downside to this is when there is not enough oil being released to coat the individual hairs, it can cause drying, splinting ends, eventually leading to weaken hair resulting in breakage.

Curly to tight coils experience dryness quickly as the oil lack to not make it all the way down to the hair ends. Therefore, curly to tight coiled hair require outside moisture (hydrated products) than straight hair. This explains daily to frequent washing of straight hair due to the concentration of oils making it all the way to their ends frequently.

Here are factors that can cause dryness leading to brittle hair.

  • Over use of blow drying on high temperature
  • Hot pressing the hair on continuous high heat
  • Chemically processed frequently: Bleaching, dyes, perms can limit or deplete the natural oils
  • Poor nutrition: Lacking in vitamins, minerals,water, and protein. Hair is mostly protein.
  • Chlorinated water or even constant sun exposure

What I would recommend for dry ends are :

Avoid heat hair styles by curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers. Boost up on your healthy eating: veggies, fruits, protein, and water in moderation, according to your health. Exercise regularly. Keep ends conditioned, moisturized, and seek a professional hair stylist assistance if needed.

  • If ends are damaged, get them trim.
  • Shampoo your hair with a rich hydrating-moisturized shampoo or shampoolow in sulfates to no sulfates Shampoo .
  • After washing your hair, deep condition your hair as instructed on your product and cover with a plastic cap, such as 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Finger comb or use a wide tooth comb to work deep conditioner into your curly hair. Rinse out the deep conditioner. You can deep condition weekly.
  • Use leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioner moisturizes the dry hair. It acts like a basic first coat for the hair. Work the entire leave-in well into the entire hair. Do Not Rinse Out.
  • Style your hair using your favorite styling moisturized holding cream, setting lotion or moistured foam for your natural curly to tightly coiled hair.
  • Seek a professional hair stylist help to treat and restore your hair ends back to health

Here is a great post on another natural hair blogger on tips to help to care for your ends.

Hair Rooteen Queen

What everybody ought to know about dry brittle hair ends.

Here are a few methods that are helping Rooteen Queens… and Kings keep the ends of their hair moisturized, soft and, yes, even thick!

Yesterday, I answered a question on Quora.  Then I thought: Why should they have all the info?  So, I posted my answer here for you fine people.

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Question posted on Quora:

What hair products are good to thicken and soften up dry rough ends?

You have to treat those ends with the respect they deserve.  They have been with you the longest and that is worthy of special treatment.  Cipriana’s advice is invaluable.  As the Editor-in-Cheif ofUrban Bush Babes she knows a thing or two about keeping ends thick, strong and moisturized.

It is not so much the products as it is the ROUTINE that you are using.

To set yourself up for success it is important that you look at your hair care routine as a whole.  A one product solution may be a short term fix but can likely cause much more damage in the long run.

What is you hair care routine? Here are a few adjustments you can make to ensure the smoothest, thickest and moisturized ends possible.


I would suggest you dilute your shampoo some (hopefully you are using a non-SLS shampoo) and apply the mixture using an applicator bottle (focus on your scalp).  Please be sure that you are pre-pooing (protecting your hair with oils) before you shampoo.

Deep Conditioning

When you deep condition, focus on the ends of your hair (they are the oldest parts of your hair and need the most love).  Use heat to really activate the deep conditioning process and get the maximum moisture under the hair cuticle.  You can do this by wearing a plastic bag over your hair for about an hour.  However, please follow the directions on the bottle of whatever deep conditioner you use.


Once you are finished deep conditioning, be sure to seal in the moisture.  Water is the only thing that moisturizes.  Seal the water on your ends, first with the teensiest bit of castor oil, and then follow up with the teensiest bit of shea butter.  Apply these “sealants” individually.  Start with the ends and then work your way up to the root.


Ensure your ends are protected (read hidden) from the elements in a protective style until your next wash day.  I suggest washing weekly and doing a water only wash instead of a co-wash halfway through to wash day.  Yes, you must pre-poo and seal when doing a water only wash.