Embrace Your Natural Hair

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After seeing thousands of images of black women of all curl patterns natural hair styles. You come across the negative stereotypes about black women natural hair, sometime affecting those with less self-esteem to embrace their own natural hair wholeheartedly.

First it starts with internalizing and knowing the concept of black hair is beautiful. That is why educating yourself on natural hair is the key. Books on natural hair can be helpful, such as Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton and Ernessa T. Carter, and The Science of Black Hair: Watching YouTube videos, reading helpful blog articles, or visiting natural hair websites, CurlyNikki, meetup.com (hair community group/club) in your provided city. Here in Atlanta there are meetups. These are some of the great resources to begin with.

I do not consider myself to be a hair expertise across the board. I can suggest on helpful styling or hair care maintenance. I know to embrace natural hair can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding when you do.

I truly believe that everyone’s hair is truly beautiful and it does not take a long time to know how to style and narrow down to hair products or hair tools that work best for you. Our hair is not ugly or unruly hair. Again, it is about learning about your hair and creating a hairstyle that looks well on you. Embracing your natural hair feels great when you fall in love with yourself and not being concerned on how others view your crown. Knowing that you are beautiful and special in a humble mature way is important.

To embrace you natural hair starts with adapting healthy regimens. Making sure your scalp and hair is washed, cleaned, treated, maintained, and protected. Having the right  moisturized hair products tailored to your hair and creating an embracing hairstyle you know looks great on you.

I believe to be healthy starts on the inside. Drink plenty of water, have a healthy diet, maybe integrate multivitamins, exercise, and rest to reduce stress. These implementations can help to nourish your hair and assist with growth. Long thick hair is stereotyped to be more beautiful or healthier than shorter hair. Not true. All hair length is beautiful. As you continue in your journey you learn ways to embrace you hair through hairstyles, you will become more comfortable. Visit your local trusted hair beautician on hairstyles. Twist and twist outs are easy to embrace as a start.