Hair Breakage “Oh, No.”


Hair breakage. Who wants to hear those words. Imagine you do all that you can do to avoid the matter. You protect, moisturize, avoid direct heat, and carefully detangle hair. But guess what, BREAKAGE shows up and shows out. What happened? How did it happen? and Why? Sometimes we just do not really know, at first? Most often hair breakage is caused by our own doing. Applying too much heat, too much hands in the hair, or too much tension on the hair.

After the take down of wearing a month of crochet braids. I had normal shedding of hair. Then to my surprise, not believing what I was feeling and seeing. Hair breakage, right in the front of the center of my head exposing the roots. Only small sections, experienced the breakage, but enough to make a natural say “I just can’t believe it?”

Are all protective styles really protecting the hair? My answer to that is personally you will discover that. Knowing what kind of protective style works best for you and how long your hair can tolerate the wear is very important. Every individual hair have their level of tolerance. There are certain individuals whose own natural hair cannot tolerate synthetic hair fibers due to the fibers rubbing along their natural hair, leading to possible breakage. Add on hair does not necessarily “protect your real hair.” Your hair underneath still needs to be cared for. Normally when wearing weaves or crochet braids for a longer period of time. Normally, hair underneath is not being washed weekly nor moisturized, which leads to dryness and itchy scalp.

There are few ways breakage can occur. Here are 4 common ways breakage can happen without paying much attention too.

#1. Detangling

Hair naturally tangles. Detangling hair when wet is most fragile and can easy break. Your best detangle tool is your fingers. If not using fingers, best to use a wide tooth comb and start at the ends and comb slowly

#2. Tight braids

This is more common. Whether worn as a regular style or as preparatory to create hair style i.e. goddess braids. Hair that is braided tightly on the scalp create high tension on the hair follicles, leading to breakage or possible alopecia.

#3. Flat Ironing Often

Flat ironing the hair often is a No No. This can lead to brittle, dry, and breakage resulting from heat damage over time.

#4. Too much manipulation of hair to achieve different hair styles

Low manipulation is recommended. Keep your hands out of your hair often. Nothing wrong looking your best and creating a fabulous hair style. But when frequently combing, brushing, dying, wearing frequent weaves and various braided hair styles can also lead to breakage. Let you hair rest for awhile or in between. It will thank you.

Do not become worried. Breakage can still occur at times, even when you do take all precautions. But integrating and re-examining certain good habits can help to prevent or lessen the chances. Each person hair is different. Some individuals can do all the above and more and their hair seems fine. But for those of us. Understanding to avoid the common causes to care for our natural hair is best. As for my hair breakage. I am laying off the crochet braids for now, reassessing my hair, and implementing my hair regimens that work best for me.