How To Grow Natural Hair Long


There is a myth that African American women or men can’t grow their hair long. Whether its relaxed or natural. I am here to address and say YES, You Can Grow Your Hair Long.

Those who get relaxer about every 4 to 6 weeks. Why? because the roots from your scalp are growing. So, myth proven wrong goes to show our hair does grow. As long hair is healthy does not matter whether its relaxed or natural it can grow long. Right now its growing as I speak.

The most problem that many women of color experience is hair retention. Ends of the hair is the oldest. If not cared for, this is where breakage occurs. As the hair grows and whatever stress or lack of care the hair is experiencing ultimately leads to breakage.

Genetics determine the rate of your hair growth. Take an observation and notice the length, texture or growth of family hair. Yes. not all are the same. But, just take a closer look and you will see the obvious. Hair grows on average 1/2 inch monthly. Some may see less or faster hair growth. Just remember genes help determine the growth rate and how long your hair will be at its optimum.

There are hair growth supplements advertised to promote hair growth, such as hair infinity, biotin. Some have seen increased growth others have seen no difference. The reason why some see increased length in growth, is due to the fact of what essentials minerals and vitamins that were lacking in the body. The body recognize this and therefore hair growth occurs. When stop the body resumes to its normal production base on intake of nourishment received.

Do your research for there are hair supplements that do provide results. However, just remember individual results do vary.

Protective hairstyles is essential to retaining hair length, such as updos, buns, twist styles. You can have your hair out. Just remember hair ends that is constantly rubbing on clothes will get pulled and break.

I have improved on the area to eat more veggies, fruits, and water intake. What I need now is to return exercising. This will aid in hair growth and shedding some pounds. Bonus! I have a blender to make my smoothies too. This helps. I add ginger and lemon to boost up the taste.

What are you washing your hair with? Use moisturized hydrating shampoo. I recommend no sulfates shampoo to lessen the drying effects. Please deep condition as its very important for moisturizing and restoration.

If you like natural home remedies. Then try castor oil. It helps to promote hair growth and decrease thinning of the hair. Massage into scalp and around edges. The lack in its effects if you have scalp damage or constantly wearing tightly styles causing bald spots. You need to stop putting such stress on the hair follicles. Massage your scalp daily to increase hair growth. 

Just want to express that all hair type have its weakness and strengths. Some naturals with kinky and tightly coiled hair feel that their hair will have a harder time to see growth. While this type of texture hair does require attention. It does not limit the ability to grow long hair either. Get excited! Not Discouraged. The light bulb effect is keep hair moisturized, low manipulation, stop flat ironing hair for awhile, and protective styles.

Although this type of hair appears strong, it is fragile. The production of natural hair oil does not make it all the way to the ends, unlike straight hair or looser curls. Therefore, the hair become drier, brittle and more prone to breakage.  So take the above tip for from curly to tightly coiled hair to keep moisturize, less or stop heat application, low manipulation, and protective styles. If have chemically dyed hair. Please keep condition and professionally treated to avoid hair breakage.

Trim ends when needed and sleep in a bonnet or satin/silky pillow to retain hair moisture and prevent snagging from the cotton pillow. However, if sleeping on the cotton pillow and does not bother your hair. That is fine as well. Each to their own routine on what works to promote growth and retain length.

Last and not least be patient. IT WILL GROW.