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Meet Our Founder, Kerone

Kerone is a natural hair consultant, author, podcaster, blogger, and an occupational therapist. Knowing the issues, she wanted to inspired women with Afro-textured hair who may have trouble on how to care for their hair.

Kerone has been interviewed and featured on podcasts and blogs, such as Blacknaps.org, Edenbodyworks.com and blackradioblog.com. She is a certified independent natural hair consultant with Earthtones Natural.

Her passion is to inspire and empower women with the afro-textured hair to love, care, and embrace their hair with confidence by having their own customized hair care regimen to best meet their hair care needs. By doing so, Kerone offers a signature one-on-one natural hair consultation program and a natural hair group membership. From these services you will be able to identify

your hair issue and have a developed plan to best meet your desired hair goals. Addressing and improving hair moisture retention, limiting breakage, limiting hair loss, and having the understanding to select products are few that Kerone will educate, guide, and train you on. Once you understand your natural hair issues you will improve saving on cost, the confusion, frustration, and time. So, that you can worry less about your hair and focus on living. If you do have a medical condition or unsure what is affecting your hair and or scalp. It is advisable seeking medical attention first to identify and treat the cause.

Many naturals are unsure, stuck, and feel like giving up when it comes to caring for their kinky and curly hair.

Here at Lumynex Essentials, we solve the problem of uncertainty to develop an advanced customized hair care regimen.

With proven processes and strategic customized plan, you'll gain the confidence and clarity you need to overcome the challenges faced with breakage, stunted growth, dry scalp, product selection, and lack of moisture.

What’s the benefit of having a customized regimen?

  • She will know exactly what to do to take care of her hair.
  • She will feel beautiful and independent with her own hair.
  • She will know how to modify and adjust her regimen to meet her hair needs.

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My Story

"Growing up with chemically relaxed hair, I had no idea how to wear my hair any other way. Growing up, black women were influenced by having straight, silky hair. Therefore, having a relaxed hair was the go-to answer. As I grew older, I realized the increased effort it took to maintain straighten hair. Flat ironing was often integrated to either curling or straightening. I began to realize this was not the natural me. I questioned my identity, my individuality, and what my hair said about me.

My natural hair journey began in 2010, when I decided that I no longer wanted to chemically relax my hair. I was not following a trend, but a personal enlightenment. My decision to go natural came with obstacles, which I overcame. I was not comfortable at first embracing my own hair. I wore braids and weaves constantly. I felt stuck on how to move forward with my two-inch hair. One day, I told myself, “I am going to learn how to take care of my tress.” I learned and went through my own products do's and don'ts to retain moisture and reduce hair breakage. As my hair regimen began to work for me, that was the turning point. It was the best decision I made. Understanding and having a simple regimen was the key in my journey."


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