Group Membership

Lumynex Essentials will be offering “The Kinks and Curls Girls”. This group membership program is sure to be a game changer and will improve your scalp and hair issues.

Hair groups are sometimes a great place to receive support and all have one thing in mind - Having healthier hair and or growing longer hair.

Many women with natural hair join groups in hopes of getting their questions answered. However, many hair groups FAIL to provide the solutions to your individual needs.

Why Do Most Hair Groups Fail?

  • Many hair groups fail to provide the one-on-one help to analyze your hair concerns.
  • Many hair groups lack the ability to teach about hair topics that you want to learn.
  • Often tips are given but are not customized to meet a woman’s needs
  • Many hair groups lack the ability to follow-up regarding your hair improvement results.
  • Your comments and posts get “lost” or go unanswered.
  • Many posts are a collection of misleading opinions, leaving you in the dark and not getting the HELP you deserve.

You join to get help and support and yet you are stuck with the same hair problems!

What Make

Lumynex Group Different?

The Lumynex group membership program is designed to provide guidance, to lessen the uncertainty, and to resolve your hair concerns with targeted solutions. You will get the practical teachings, live video lessons, individual Q&A, and much more to address your hair concerns that many other hair groups fail to do.

Join the Kinks and Curls Girls Community today and start having the support to be confident and independent with your own hair