Imagine what it would be like to have beautiful healthy growing hair. To not feel stuck and struggle with the insecurities that are holding you back. Feel liberated and have the condifence to embrace your hair with women just like you. Show your true beauty and receive compliments to have the hair you always wanted.

Kinks & Curls Girls Community

Finally, get to know how to care your hair in a supportive community

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Hi Kerone Maxineau your Natural Curl Champion,

Set your mind free knowing that you are in the right place of a community to receiving real support and the excitement to celebrate your accomplishments. Your hair progress reflects the actions you took from applied strategies. Feel great again and see your vision come to life overcoming your struggles with natural hair. Feel beautiful and empowered!

Let Me Ask You These Questions.

  • * Wouldn't it be great to spend less time worrying about your hair?
  • * Wouldn't it be great to finally know how to overcome the issues of breakage, dryness, thinning edges, thinning hair, or worst hair loss?
  • * Spending less wasted time on products that you are uncertain if they work as it say?
  • * What about saving on cost from visits to the hair salon that adds up?
  • * How about those natural hair rules that most naturals follow reading blogs and watching endless youtube videos and still do not achieve their hair goals?

Are You Struggling with Hair Growth?

  • * Do you find yourself constantly having breakage, dryness, and damaged hair even when you tried the latest products?
  • * Are you uncertain that the latest products you are using is actually helping your hair?

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Your Hair Matters!

Welcome! I am passionate to help new to seasoned naturals to overcome the common issues, failures or the embarrassment you are having difficulty with. I have never offered a program like this before nor have I seen one. Get unstuck, stop the confusion, get realistic, and become accountable for the results in your own hair journey.

I myself know what it's like having setbacks, no matter how long you have been natural. I myself read blogs and watched endless Youtube videos and fallen short. UGH! I tried texturizing and flat ironing my hair as a salon hairstylist told me it would make my hair manageable. Only to experience hair breakage. I took advice from others who were natural, but it shortens my own success.

I used my knowledge and setbacks to finally understand that natural hair is not complicated, but simple once you change your mindset and approach.

That is why I developed a community membership for serious ladies who have tried it all, are stuck, not sure on their hair plan, and want immediate change. Who feel like a number in other hair groups and not getting the individualized attention to meet your hair or scalp concerns. This community is for you.This is a one stop natural hair community membership on hair topics that matter to you.


Kinks & Curls Girls Cummunity

This is a monthly community membership with live video lessons/Q&A sessions, and downloadable guides, where I'm training and guiding you while you create a successful healthier hair, one that will let you celebrate and enjoy beautiful healthy textured hair!

Your monthly subscription to continue getting the results you deserve!

Do not be like everyone else doing the same old routine with no results and the frustration. Finally, you'll be on your way to uncovering the key components to healthy hair to carry over on your own to maximize your hair results.

Finally, by the end of it, you'll have your very own success story and support to healthy growing hair, stop the hair breakage mess, scalp dryness, thinning hair, the ability to choose the product your hair needs, the skills and techniques to achieve successful hairstyles to boost growth, and retain moisture longer.

You're Going to Get, and Ready to Join The Community

Bi-weekly live discussions, monthly masterclasses/Q&A sessions and strategies to apply to your own hair. Topics you want to benefit from for your hair goals. Not someone elses'.

* Addressing typical hair and scalp concerns from dryness, breakage, thinning edges, moisture loss, slow growth, dry scalp, dandruff, natural remedies and much more!

Here are some of the things we're going over:

  • 1) Incorporating the 4 key components of your hair regimen that you can easily execute automatically without feeling overwhelmed.
  • 2) Recognizing common hair ingredients and their role in products.
  • 3) Take nutrition to your advantage for healthy hair.
  • 4) Building a hair regimen fit for your lifestyle when you feel you don't have the time.
  • 5) Scalp conditions that contribute to hair loss and what to do.
  • 6) Hair maintenance and protective hairstyle techniques that will give you the outcome you desire.
  • 7) Overcoming dryness, improve growth, and boost moisture and much more...

Plus, these good bonuses are waiting for you:

  • BONUS #1 - Product Ingredient Guide List to help you read your product ingredients and make better purchases.
  • BONUS #2 Suggested hair products organized by categories (shampoos, co-wash, conditioner, stylers, etc),
  • BONUS #3 Membership in the Kinks and Curls Girls Community.
  • BONUS #4 Hair Care Regimen Mini-Guide to keep organized of your progress and Shipped Natural Hair Journal to track your progress!
  • BONUS #5 (PDF Book) The Truth About Hair Loss.
  • BONUS #6 Hair Growth Chart to track hair growth as a desired goal.
  • BONUS #7 You'll get 30 minutes Free consultation 1 x monthly.
  • BONUS #8 Weekly email on hair tips, product suggestions, monthly printable prayer, challenges, and more
  • Bonus #9 Access to pre-recorded lessons to review to benefit your hair success.


Listen, you can wait a few more months or years trying to put the pieces together in other hair groups. You keep getting no where in free hair groups. As a natural hair author and hair consultant. I questioned and saw why many hair groups fail lacking the key elements to turn their groups into live educating platforms.

You join a group to get results, not clicking likes, posting comments, and shares! You join a group to overcome your faced challenges.

Why waste all that time and money or put your hair through more experimentation, bad results, and more expenses spent on salon visits, expensive products, and hair extensions? Join now to get all the answers in the Kinks & Curls Girls Community a network of women with the same passion of wanting beautiful healthy growing hair!

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