Our Story

Growing up with chemically relaxed hair, I had no idea how to wear my hair any other way. Growing up, black women were influenced by having straight, silky hair. Therefore, having a relaxed hair was the go-to answer. As I grew older, I realized the increased effort it took to maintain straighten hair. Flat ironing was often integrated to either curling or straightening. I began to realize this was not the natural me. I questioned my identity, my individuality, and what my hair said about me.

A natural hair journey reveals your own story. It gives light to those who can relate to similar hair concerns. My natural hair journey began in 2010, when I decided that I no longer wanted to chemically relax my hair. I was not following a trend, but a personal enlightenment. My decision to go natural came with obstacles, which I overcame. I was not comfortable at first embracing my own hair. I wore braids and weaves constantly. I felt stuck on how to move forward with my two-inch hair. One day, I told myself, “I am going to learn how to take care of my tress.” I learned and went through my own products dos and don’ts to retain moisture and reduce hair breakage. As my hair regimen began to work for me, I began to receive compliments and questions concerning my hair. That was a turning point for me as I embraced my own natural hair. It was the best decision I made. Understanding and implementing simple strategies was the key in my journey.

Live, Embrace, and Love your natural hair. Like flowers, you are beautiful and unique. Therefore, “beautify yourself.”