Overcome the insecurities and
the confusion by having your own customized hair care
regimen for remarkable results.

Get targeted solutions to take you from hair breakage, poor moisture retention, dryness, dry scalp, and thinning hair to beautiful healthy & well moisturized hair in less than a week.

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Are you struggling to figure out how to start a hair
care regimen that gets you REAL results?

“Hi! I am Kerone Maxineau. I am a certified natural hair consultant, author, blogger, your natural curl champion, and an Occupational Therapist. Knowing the issues, I wanted to inspire and empower Afro-textured hair women who may have trouble on how to care for their hair to embrace their hair with confidence"

Kerone was featured on Blacknaps.org, Edenbodyworks.com and blackradioblog.com

As a Certified Natural Hair Consultant, I have studied the structural make-up of Afro-textured hair. I go over with you the common hair concerns, scalp concerns, product ingredients, and product selection in order to assist you to have a healthy hair care regimen that is best for you

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You've spent countless hours on Google and YouTube trying to put together a hair routine or how to retain moisture. Left with failure and confusion.
  • Everything is very new and you're not sure if what you're doing is enough or is damaging your hair.
  • Despite your best efforts you don't seem to be making any progress.
  • You've implemented new hair care practices and brought in new hair products, but your hair is still dry, breaking and or difficult to manage.
  • You've built a hair regimen based on the results and tips of your favorite YouTuber or blog, but you're still struggling and you fail to make sense of what you could be doing wrong.

"I had set backs until I realized having a personalized hair regimen was the answer for me." -Kerone Maxineau

Feel Transformed to Love your Curly, Coily, Kinky
Hair Again

  • Finally be able to start off your hair journey knowing the best ways to improve your hair goals.
  • Have the confidence and the knowledge of ingredients and hair products on how they can help or affect your hair.
  • Stop the frustration, stress, and guesswork that comes along with being natural and have a blueprint plan for your hair.
  • Have more time to enjoy your life without worrying about your hair.
  • Build your confidence to embrace your hair.
  • Spend more time on things that matter and save on cost trying endless hair products and visiting the hair salon.

Your Results From a Customized Regimen

  • As a result working with a natural hair consultant. You will get the understanding and apply your customized hair care regimen to fit into your lifestyle, save on cost, and embrace your hair with confidence.
  • You won't get an all inclusive in-depth analysis from a salon on hair type, porosity, condition, nutrition, health, and wellness as a wholistic approach and contributing factors that may limit your success in order to improve on your overall hair and scalp concerns, resulting from improper hair care practices.
  • You will have the confidence and knowledge of ingredients and products that can help or affect your hair.
  • With the program you will save money from salon visits, time spent on expensive hair care products, the frustration, and damaging effects from not having a proper regimen.
  • Your customized regimen focus on your realistic goals and to carry over on your own at the end of the program.

You are Going to Get:

  • An 6 week program that includes weekly 60 minute consultations, reviews, and a follow-up. An depth assessment to determining your main hair goals, health of your hair, your hair type, and evaluating your current regimen and products.
  • Assessing your overall health and nutrition and how it plays a role for your hair.
  • Developing a customized hair and wellness regimen with advanced techniques on healthy hair practices, targeted hair products, hair and or scalp care recommendations, styling tips, protective hairstyles, night time care, and weekly maintenance.

Plus, You're Going to Get these Bonuses:

  • BONUS# 1 A Follow-up of regimen progress via email or phone
  • BONUS# 2 A Natural Haircare Journal to track your progress
  • BONUS# 3 (Book) Kinks, Curls, and Coils:The Ultimate Guide to Natural & Healthy Afro-Textured Hair
  • Bonus# 4 Downloadable Exclusive Guide of 51 pages packed with Natural Hair Loss Treatments
  • BONUS# 5 Product Ingredient Guide List to help you read your product ingredients and make better purchases
  • BONUS# 6 Your Choice of a Natural Hair T-shirt to feel inspired and beautiful about your hair
  • BONUS# 7 Maximum Hydration Protocol that will boost hydration & moisture for your hair

The Perfect Plan for Kinks and Curls: A Healthy Foundation

All-inclusive Royal 6 Week Package

Total value of our 6 week all-inclusive Royal packaged program is $4,297


You can get the entire The Perfect Plan for Kinks & Curl: A Healthy Foundation program for one-time investment of $1,997 a $59 savings!

Or 2-monthly payments of $1,059
  • The average cost of a salon visit 2 times a month for hair maintenance is well over $100 that's about $2400 on average in one year, if going 2 times a Month!!! or half of that in one year.
  • Compare this to the average salon visit of $4k over the 2 years. Using this program you will save over $1,000s!

What are You Waiting For?

  • Are you ready to make the change today or are you just going to continue with your old routines with No results!
  • Today is your day to make the change and stop waisting your precious time spent on effortless outcomes.
  • Feel beautiful and independent with your own hair. What is stopping you today to say, YES? You need a natural hair consultant by your side to address the underlined cause that goes unseen. Why feel stuck and continue struggling to figure it all out by yourself?
  • End it here! Stop guessing and experimenting with unpredictable consequences that does not correct your problem!
  • Validate your YES! Don't let this chance pass you by. Stop imagining on how you want your hair to be. Start correcting the mistakes made to free you from all the worries or the shame about your hair.

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