Lumynex Essentials provides all of our customers with unique and personalized one-on-one consultations to address your common hair issues. We will examine a wide array of factors including eating habits, lifestyle, hair texture, products used, and much more! We work directly with you and will develop individualized plans to suit your natural hair needs. Simply book a consultation with Lumynex Essentials today to get started!


What Does the Consultation Look Like?

This will be a one-on-one consultation 6 weeks packaged program. This is customized to solve and address the challenges you are currently facing with your hair. This will help you to be able to better take care of your hair as a healthy foundation in your hair journey so you can carry over on your own.

This entails clarifying your top goals, determining the health of your hair, and discovering your unique hair type, porosity, density, texture, and condition. This plan will include healthy hair practices, targeted hair products, healthy hair care tips and strategies. Your customized regimen will include step by step instructions on the following principles: cleanse, condition, moisturize, low maintenance/protective styles, nighttime care, and weekly maintenance.

You will be scheduled to join a 60-minute video meeting online. You will be provided a link to confirm booking for week 1. The link will provide you with all the details of your Natural Hair Consultation. At the end of the weeks you’ve selected. You will have a beautiful healthy textured hair.

Royal 6-week package

Week 1:

15-minute assessment questionnaire will be required to complete. Attach 2 clear pictures of your hair dry and wet to email back with your completed questionnaire. This will help identify your concerns to design your customized hair care regimen. Must be completed before scheduled consultation. We will meet online to review the assessment questionnaire to design your customized regimen.

Week 2:

Review your established hair goals, while looking over your adjusted hair routine, hair practices and products. This is important to see if your adjusted or new routine and products are aligning with your hair goals, or if they are contributing to the challenges you are experiencing.

Week 3:

Review your hair curl pattern, hair texture, density, porosity, strand thickness, elasticity, and questions you may have.

Week 4:

Review your hairs health: regarding change and or success. We will discuss breakage, shedding, heat usage, knots and tangles, low maintenance/protective styles, product layering, moisture retention, chemical services and questions you have.

Week 5:

Review any outside factors that may affects your hair. Review any internal factors such as the types of food, medications, diet, stress, that can affect your hair. We will look over helpful wellness strategies and nutrition to allow you to consider the factors that may be contributing to hair concerns. If it’s identified as a significant concern a referral recommendation to a health professional may be recommended.

End of Customized Hair Care Regimen Program

Week 6:

Phone (30 mins) or email to conclude your customized hair care regimen

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