Pantene Gold Series For Relaxed And Natural Hair

Whether we choose to wear it relaxed or natural, every strand is testimony to our history. that makes us stronger, and strong is beautiful.” -Pantene Gold Series
Well Pantene is sure enough stepping up their advertisement from relaxed, dreds, Afro, updos, curly, and textured  hair. The Pantene Gold Series are providing their line catered to relaxed and natural hair. The line features Pantene Gold Series Repairing Mask,  Hydrating Butter Crème, and the Curl Defining Pudding.  Now at your local participating Target.

The Pantene Gold hair line has 8 hair care and styling products to meet women in their different stages of their hair journey, from transitioning, relaxed, and natural. Giving women of color the choice of selections.

Courtesy of Amazon
As you know more and more women of color are either transitioning or embracing their own natural hair in STYLE. Pantene one out of the many hair lines in the industry is taking its part. The diversity of girls and women celebrating who they are is fabricated in their heritage and ROOTS.