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HLCC Scripts Scalp Therapy breaks up and dissolves sebum, the buildup on the scalp that clogs hair follicles and blocks topical stimulators like Re-Stim®, MGT or Minoxidil from penetrating effectively. After Scalp Therapy has hydrated the outer layer and dissolved the sebum, Minoxidil in carrier solution or Maximum Growth Therapy will penetrates down to the dermal papilla. Remember, Minoxidil and Maximum Growth Therapy only works at the dermal papilla level, not on the scalp, so if it can't penetrate it can't work to re-grow hair. Purchase Scalp Therapy to ensure better results from any hair loss regime, or if you suffer from dandruff. 4 oz. 4 month supply.

How does Scalp Therapy Work?

HLCC® Scripts Scalp Therapy revitalizes your scalp by making it clean and removing excessive sebum oils and debris that can block the follicle, restricting new fragile hair from coming through the scalp. Scalp Therapy is scientifically proven and laboratory tested to work beneath the scalp surface to increase nutrient and blood flow in the root area and help dissolve excess sebum; thus creating an environment for maximum hair growth Scalp Therapy significantly aids in the penetration of Minoxidil or HLCC ™ Scripts Maximum Growth Therapy and other topicals helping them penetrate and work to their fullest.

Low Level Lasers continue to increase in popularity, as an effective, pain free hair loss solution.  HLCC® has been using Low Level Lasers for almost 25 years, as a primary treatment component and is now recognized as the global leader in laser hair loss treatment. HLCC® encourages the use of a multi-therapeautic approach, combining laser therapy and the Scripts product line.

If you are not near a clinic, call HLCC® and we’ll help take the guess work out of the different home laser devices available.

HLCC® guarantees the lowest price and will beat any competitors price on lasers.