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T-Strong™ is a revolutionary, Award Winning leave-in conditioner. Increase your hair’s flexibility and decrease breakage and damage done during wet-combing. Create shine without weighing hair down.

T-Strong™ has been clinically proven to add elasticity & tensile strength to your hair. Aloe extract soothes the scalp. Green tea extract adds a layer of protection from environmental assaults.

For use on normal, dry, oily or damaged hair of all ethnicities, this leave-in conditioner is also great for hair that is thinning, dull or lifeless.

"I finally found a leave-in conditioner that doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. Great for detangling hair when I’m letting it dry naturally!”  Ava J., Salem, MA 

Low Level Lasers continue to increase in popularity, as an effective, pain free hair loss solution.  HLCC® has been using Low Level Lasers for almost 25 years, as a primary treatment component and is now recognized as the global leader in laser hair loss treatment. HLCC® encourages the use of a multi-therapeautic approach, combining laser therapy and the Scripts product line.

If you are not near a clinic, call HLCC® and we’ll help take the guess work out of the different home laser devices available.

HLCC® guarantees the lowest price and will beat any competitors price on lasers.