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The ORIGINAL LaserCap LaserCap is a portable, hands-free, cordless and rechargeable low-level laser therapy device for men and women designed to deliver laser therapy to the scalp in a convenient and discreet way. Consistent use of low-level laser therapy treats hair loss, hair thinning and has been proven to improve the appearance of hair quality, hair strength and hair thickness in addition to promoting hair growth. LaserCap is the original and first hair growth device to offer the power of a clinical laser therapy unit in a 100% cordless, rechargeable, discreet treatment device that literally ‘fits under your favorite baseball hat.’ Nearly 40x the power of comb, brush or band-lasers and infinitely easier to use. Walk, jog, bike, drive or sit… LaserCap is a non-chemical, non-invasive, pain-free hair growth treatment that can be applied anytime you can wear a hat or scarf. Note: LaserCap is available only through physicians.