Tips To Consider When Getting Hair Extension



When getting a good quality hair extension. Remy is one of the best human hair extensions. I had worn before. If you can't install it yourself, have a professional hair stylist do it for you or a trusted individual who is great with hair extensions. You want to ensure your hair looks natural as possible instead of "fake" or not fitting your face if not trimmed correctly. You can go soft or dramatic with your hair or color. Just make sure it fits you well. One thing I do not understand when having hair extensions that does not match your texture or not installed properly. Do not be shy to ask a real friend "How do I look?"2016-11-08_0215

When getting you hair extension installed. Please avoid tightly cornrows if getting braided, especially around the edges of the hair. This can cause breakage, baldness, and thinning of the hair long term. At night, finger comb or use a wide teeth comb or soft brush to gently detangle. Like your natural hair, for better lasting care. Sleep with a tangle free scarf or bonnet.


Depending on how long you wear your extension that is tolerable.  Allow your natural hair to breathe for awhile, after take down. Follow your normal hair care regimen, such as moisturizing or no sulfate shampoo, deep conditioner, and other personalized treatments that you know helps with your natural hair care.